Friday, March 27, 2009


Man and his best friend: Chua with Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better’s canine representative Sharmini Popiko Sasha.

Saturday March 28, 2009

Pet adoption drive this weekend


ALMOST every day, countless dogs are caught by dogcatchers and brought to the local pounds to be exterminated.
Some of these dogs are pets that end up at the pounds due to unforeseen circumstances. They, too, are put to sleep if no one comes for them.
Most times, owners do not come to claim their pets at the pounds for fear of being slapped with a costly compound by the local councils.
A visit to these pounds will leave most people with a dent in their hearts, given the pitiful sight that greets one there.
Being the intuitive animals that they are, dogs at the pound more often than not appear to literally beg visitors to take them home.
That is why non-governmental organisation Community Develop-ment and Integration Initiative (CDII) initiated its canine welfare programme, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better.
Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better programme’s Clarance C.R. Chua said their main scope was to rescue dogs and puppies from the pounds and put them up for adoption.
“We neuter, vaccinate as well as treat these dogs before finding them homes,” said Chua.
He added that they also rescued puppies and dogs off the street as well as those neglected or abandoned by their owners.
“We also attend to distress calls from people who come across dogs in precarious situations,” he said.
He narrated how a young woman in Klang sent Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better an email seeking help for a seven-month-old stray puppy in her neighbourhood that was being abused by some of her neighbours.
“We took in the dog, named it Rottie and sent it to one of the veterinary clinics that treats our animals,” Chua said.
He added that Rottie was currently recuperating and would be put up for adoption in about a month or two after being treated for a severe case of heartworm.
Given the large number of dogs and puppies which need homes, as well as to introduce the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better programme to the public, Chua said an adoption drive would be held at a mall in Petaling Jaya today and tomorrow.
“We hope people will show us their support by attending the event,” Chua said.
The adoption drive will be held at the NZX Mall in Ara Damansara from 11am to on both days.
Besides puppies and dogs, there will also be cats and kittens up for adoption at the event.
Dog owners can also bring their pets for complimentary ear-cleaning and nail-clipping by professional canine groomers.
For details, as well as to read about Rottie, visit:
For further information, call 019-357 6477 / 019-320 3875.


Anonymous said...

hey, i found a puppy in my neighbourhood and i need someone to save it. its so cute and adorable and its alone (i think )in the cruel world out there. where do i email to the person in charge ?

Alex Chang said...

I read about you from the newspapers. Just wanna say i am so glad somebody out there is doing something to the less fortunate dogs. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

u know the govt or DBKL shld ban dog catching cos this poor animals are harmless.. they shld ask their dog catcher to change their field to Mat Rempit catcher instead!

Sharmini Popiko Sasha said...

Anonymous, you can write to
to give details about the pup.