Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meet Holly


The wound after being cleaned soon after rescue from pound

The wound the following day

Healed and happy and with a friend

Finally, having the opportunity to be a puppy again after a dreadful experience

Dear Peeps,
meet miracle baby Holly who has proven that a little love, care and compassion can go a long way in making a little pup believe in herself. Holly, was rescued from the scarry DBKL pound by an uncle and auntie last some Mondays ago. Little Holly had a wound near her tail which must have been inflicted when she was crammed in a cage with bigger dogs and pups in the pound. When my human an Auntie Eileen first saw her the wound had turned into a festering soggy mess and little Holly appeared to be in intense pain. They brought her to a clinic in gasing which refused to admit her because they feared that she had the parvo virus. Luckily for us a lovely person called Lynette agreed to foster Holly. Lynette took Holly to a clinic in Hartamas and this clinic immediately admitted her and gave her the necessary treatment. Within days, Holly blosommed into a happy little puppy which was a complete transformation of her old self. To Lynette and the vets in Hartamas - bless you all for your kindness and compassion. Because you care - a litthe puppy now has the chance to lead a happy an fulfilling life. Thank you kind people.
Woof, Woof,
Sharmini Popiko Sasha (SPS)

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please care for all animals