Friday, February 27, 2009



Dear all,

We have an emergency situation at hand and need urgent help. Some of the dogs brought from the pound have tested positive for distemper. However, they do not have any symptoms and appear to be okay. Therefore, they have to be removed from the Ara Clinic as we do not want to infect the healthy dogs.

We’re also looking for other clinics with isolation wards that can take a dog or two. And we are also looking for fosterers who can take these dogs in as they will have to be fed with medication and a high dosage of vitamins to battle the infection.

The distemper virus is like the measles and chicken pox virus in humans. The virus is not transmissible to humans, cats as well as older dogs and vaccinated dogs.

Puppies up to 6 months old are however vulnerable. Therefore if you have older vaccinated dogs or only cats, you can take in a dog and nurse it back to health.

These dogs have escaped the jaws of death at the pound and it is only fair that we collectively fight to ensure that they make it through this hurdle.

All you have to do is to isolate the dog – cages and medication - will be provided and ensure that it takes all its medicine and is fed nourishing meals. You can wash your hand in a mixture of one part of Clorox and 30 parts of water.

The virus also does not survive very long in room temperature and it’s good if you place the dog’s cage in a sunny area – not directly under the sun though.

Please help us help them.

Write to -

Please call: 019-3576477 or 019-3203875

Please also alert us if you know of any experienced vets who would like to assist us in our rescue work. They would of course be paid. After this experience we feel that we should break our rescued dogs in several groups and sent to several different vets.

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