Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our Little Fashion Icons - Valentino and Patch


Valentino, also known as Little V, was dragging himself through the streets of Ipoh when Audrey found him. She immediately sought the help of MDDB, which agreed to take over the case.

Valentino was believed to be the weakest among his siblings, and thus, was abandoned by his mother when he could not keep up. The mother may also be malnourished when she was pregnant with Valentino.

When discussing the prognosis and treatment options with our panel veterinarian, the vet was optimistic that with regular therapy sessions, Valentino might stand a chance to walk. Apart from daily physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, Valentino is also receiving Traditional Chinese Veterinary Treatment on a weekly basis.

Home-style Hydrotherapy Treatment
Traditional Chinese Veterinary Treatment - Acupuncture
Valentino's condition has improved tremendously since his rescue. For video updates of the little man, click on the links below:


Patch's paws were literally crushed when he was spotted lying on the side of the road by a rescuer. Upon interrogation, employees of a nearby shop informed that the injury was at least a week old, and that Patch had remained in the same spot for two days.

Patch was transferred from one vet clinic to another; the first suggested euthanasia as an option, whereas the second refused to treat him. It was the third clinic that finally shared the same opinion as us - to give Patch a second chance in life.

The vet on duty explained that Patch's wounds were infected, and that amputations could only be performed when the infections are stopped. Patch was admitted to the vet clinic for daily wound cleansing and dressing change. However, when his rescuers visited him, his fighting spirit seemed to have disappeared. Fearing that he might just wither away, Patch was discharged and placed under home care.

One week later, Patch was brought to the same vet clinic for check-up. According to the vet's diagnosis, Patch's wounds were healing beautifully, and amputation of both his limbs was not encouraged as Patch was depending on his stumps to move about.

We are planning to get him a pair of prosthetic legs once he is fully grown. 

More about Patch here:

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