Tuesday, April 24, 2012


THIS is Rocky and he was an accident victim. Rocky was someone's pet but his owners allowed him to roam around in the neighbourhood in Seri Kembangan. One day a car knocked him down and ran over one of his back hind legs which became beyond repair. The owner then wrapped-up the injured leg and left Rocky outside the gate. A neighbour who could not bear to see the puppy's suffering called a shelter which immediately went over to get Rocky. Rocky was happy to see the shelter's inspectorate and showed his gratitude when they carried him and placed him into their van. Given the seriousness of his injury, Rocky was destined for euthanasia and realising this, they called MDDB and asked if we were willing to take over. We immediately aggreed and Rocky was delivered to our panel clinic where his damaged limb was amputated. He has since been adopted and Rocky is a happy dog who appears not to be bothered by his past experience. We still owe the vet some money for Rocky's treatment and hope that you will be able to help us. According to the clinic's accounts we still owe them about RM800 for Rocky's treatment. Those wanting to pay directly to the clinic can also do so by writing a cheque made payable to Healing Rooms Veterinary Clinic Sdn Bhd. For further information please write to malaysiandogsdeservebetter1@gmail.com

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