Friday, February 10, 2012


CANINE Welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) is urgently looking for a foster home for disabled young dog Justice.

MDDB coordinator Christina Lai said Justice is being cared for by a temporary fosterer who was able to care for him only until early March.

“Given this Justice needs a place to stay and someone to care for him until June when his original rescuer will take him back,’’ said Lai.

According to Lai, Justice was rescued by a Good Samaritan in Kuantan after he was bashed-up and left to die in a construction site.

The rescuer then asked MDDB’s help to get Justice veterinary care and help as the then puppy’s spinal column had completely transacted.

After having undergone a major surgery to his spinal column, Justice is currently on the road to recovery and needs temporary care.

“He needs is undergoing physiotherapy and is on medication to help regenerate the damaged nerves on his back,’’ said Lai.

She said that Justice is yet to gain full control of his bowels and has to wear a diaper.

However, he has a home-made wheelchair to move around.

“We hope someone will give this plucky young dog a home until he is ready to go back to Kuantan,’’ said Lai.

Meanwhile, MDDB will also have its monthly adoption drive at the Summit Shopping Complex in Subang Jaya this Sunday.

The event which will be held at the main entrance of the premise from 10.00am to 6.00pm will showcase many puppies and dogs that are in need of homes.

One of the puppies in need of a home is Enoki that was rescued soon after birth several months ago.

“There were five puppies and the mother was missing. The person who rescued the puppies highlighted their plight in our Facebook page and a fosterer took them in and cared for them,” said Lai.

All the other four had been adopted except Enoki, said Lai adding that the puppy would be at the adoption drive.

Lai also said MDDB was in urgent need of rice, puppy and dog food, cat and kitten food, shampoo, bleach, soap as well as old newspapers and towels.

Those wanting to donate these items can do so at the adoption venue.

Details: 019-3576477, 012-3739007,

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Vedrana KL said...

Hi, there is one stray dog in front of Publika complex, Mont Kiara; he or she is totally lost there, young and skin and bones, no taxi driver wants the dog in the car, otherwise I would take the dog myself to a shelter. My number 0102521229 thnx