Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another dog hating episode

Friends have been telling us that dog owners living in Taman Aman Siara, Selayang have been having a hard time given that there are several dog hating people who have threatened to kill their dogs.

Their grouse is that the dogs bark at odd hours.

This statement is ridiculous as dogs will bark when they hear strange sounds and sense strangers and strange presence in the neighbourhood.

Those who complain of the sound of dogs barking are without doubt not only intolerant but lack intelligence. It must be explained to them that dogs can only bark or growl and not speak and sing!

Anyway, the latest crap that came from one of these dog haters was the threat to kill the dogs with nail embedded cheese.

Apparently his inspiration comes from a picture that has been widely circulated in cyberspace in recent times. Sadly, this is what many dog lovers have to put up with when living in an intolerant neighbourhood.

The dumbbell who posted the comment also speaks of dogs being killed this way in Cheras. Is this admission of sorts?

This is what he said in his post:

"Nails wrapped in cheese ...........mungkin ini care terakhir bila keaddan dah tak terkawal.......kat belah Cheras depa dah ramai ajar penduduk yg degil tak nak jaga hati jiran tetangga.......lalu anjing jiran pon Rest In Peace........jiran boleh tido dengan Peace........"

We also strongly believe that this man, who calls himself Incik Mohd Eborg Ghazali (HP NO: 012-6370638 -!/eborgonline?sk=wall) is openly threatening to kill people's pets because he knows that the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), which is the biggest dog abuser in Selangor, will back him up.

MPS Health Department director Dr. Razif Bin Zainol Abidin is known to be a dog hating individual who will go to any extent to kill as many dogs as possible.

We were also told that the residents of Taman Aman Siara have been continuously harassed by MPS about their dogs but not allowed to apply licenses for their pets.

We cannot let this go on - therefore dear people please be prepared to lodge mass police reports this Saturday against Incik Mohd Eborg Ghazal and MPS.

MDDB will prepare two sample police reports as well as work on getting simultaneous police reports lodged at the same time at various police stations in the state this Saturday.

Stay tuned. Please also circulate this as widely as possible.


vw said...

Do we blame it on the dogs? Or the owners who failed to train & care for them? There are just too many ill-treated, untrained & abandoned dogs in my neighbourhood barking, whimpering, howling, etc. all the time what more at odd hours. Yes, we are angry and even scared for our safety. Strange thing is the owners are totally IGNORANT, leaving us, the neighbours victims.

Anonymous said...

'Scared for our safety'?? People like you are scared of dogs howling but not scared of robbers who will break into your house and rob you, rape you or cause grievous hurt or even kill you... people like you are victims alright... victim of your own mental instability and insecurity ... go see a psychiatrist

Anonymous said...

saya kenal mamat ni..dia keje sbg polis bantuan di menara petronas..tak sangka dia sekejam tu....moga tuhan membalas perlakuan buruk dia dgn memberi bala yang lebih berat.

Anonymous said...

saya sngt malu melihat pic fbnya yg diambil semasa sedang solat sunat di masjid..a well mannered muslim will not do harm to any creature.Di Malaysia, Muslim telah didik secara salah ttg makhluk Tuhan bernama anjing. cuba fikirkan adakah anjing meminta utk dilahirkan sebagai anjing yg kemudian didera, dipandang jijik???

wilson said...

We have live in KL for 3 years. I think they have turned dogs into a racial issue.
I have Egyptian Muslims friends they love my dogs when they come to our house to visit us. They just wash their hands after the petting episodes. I am not turned off coz I know their religion ask them to do so.
In Malaysia unless the ruling party doesn't accept dogs as not a symbol of racial differences. The dogs will continue to suffer in Malaysia.

vw said...

Dear Anonymous #1,
Funny at how you 'read' my comment. I believe in well trained, well treated dogs. Not caged&chained or even abandoned animals just to bark or chase at any tom, dick or harry (poor long time neighbour included). When more innocent lives are taken, people may start to realise loving, caring & training our dogs is just what it takes :-) who's with me?