Tuesday, August 16, 2011


EMERGENCY!!! Please help me look for my FEMALE dog name GLAMOUR,WHITE MALTESE, my dog is in a grey MYVI BHW9881(15-8-2011 / 3.00pm),kepong area near by Brem Mall, the car was robbed away by two Indians who riding motorcycle with my dog inside. I miss her a lot, do not know what will happen to her and where she is right now,might be out of this location. We are anxious to hope once again to get her back,the dog is recently has a short hair cut. Please give a help to look for my dog, any news/information please call 0172005156 / 0123862288. Reward will be given.. grateful for everyone's help, thank you. Please also share/spread this news.Thanks Everyone please help!!!!!

请大家帮个忙找找我白色的母狗(maltese),我的狗在一辆灰银色的MYVI BHW9881的车里一起被两个印度人骑着motosikal强行抢走(15-8-2011/3.00pm),车子是在bremmall/甲洞附近被抢走的,虽然如此车子也可能驾到远处。我非常的想她,不知道她会发生什么事也不知道被丢弃在哪里,急希望能再次的找回她,狗狗最近也剪了短毛。请大家给予帮助找找这只狗,有何消息请拨打0172005156/0123862288。Reward will be given..大家的帮助感激不尽,谢谢。也请大家行个好share出去

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