Sunday, May 22, 2011


MALAYSIAN DOGS DESREVE BETTER PENANG (MDDB Penang) has initiated a petition to save the lives of the four dogs in telok Bahang that have been condemned to death by the authorities. The dogs are innocent and do not deserve to die. Please sign the petition to help spare their lives.

To: The Veterinary Department of PenangOn Jan 9, Irish tourist Maurice Sullivan, 50, was mauled to death by two mongrels at an organic farm in Teluk Bahang, Penang.

A post-mortem revealed that Sullivan had died of severe hemorrhage after suffering multiple bites, especially on the limbs, head and neck.

Both dogs were taken to the State Veterinary Department on Jan 10 for observation and found to be in perfect health with no infection of rabies.

In the mid of February, the authorities took into custody two more dogs which belong to Teoh as part of the investigation into the tragic death of Sullivan. The two dogs are of the same mixed breed as the mongrels which were seized following the Jan 9 incident.

On April 4, fruit farm owners Joseph Teoh, 42, and his wife Teoh Bee Eng, 56, were fined a total of RM4,000 or in default three months jail term each, for owning four dogs without collars and registration licences.

Magistrate Mohd Hidayat Wahab imposed the fine after the couple, who were unrepresented, pleaded guilty at the Balik Pulau Magistrate's Court Monday.

On the other hand, Mohd Hidayat said the four dogs, which were pit bull type dogs, would be handed over to the Penang Municipal Council's veterinary department to be destroyed or dealt with any other action deemed suitable.


1. There were no witness during the time of occurrence, so who can prove that the dogs are guilty? The dogs may have acted in self-defense. Nobody actually saw what had happened from the beginning. - Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Did Sullivan do anything to provoke these dogs? No one knows. But just because Sullivan is dead and these dogs could not speak out their testaments, they deserve to be destroyed? Where is JUSTICE, then?

2. These dogs are merely carrying out their duties as guard dogs. They are there to protect their masters and guard the property. If carrying out a duty is consider a crime, does that mean security guards who shot down robbers during the time of robbery should be sentence to death as well?

3. The 2 dogs, Ning and Li that are supposed to have been involved in the attacked have been observed and found by the Veterinary Department to be docile and disease-free. They are not aggressive or violent. The Veterinary Department has even issued a press statement to this effect. Nobody saw the whole incident of the attack and no cause has been ascertained as to what triggered the attack. Therefore, it is unjustified in euthanizing them.

4. It is believed that only 2 dogs were involved in the attack of Maurice Sullivan. They are Ning and Li while Yin and Kang are totally innocent as they were not anywhere near when the incident took place. So, what is the reason that both Yin and Kang need to be destroyed as well?

5. It was in fact even reported earlier that a police investigation had found that only one of the two dogs was involved in the fatal attack, so why total of 4 dogs should be put to sleep?

6. Agnieszka Jablonska, 28, the Polish friend of Sullivan said she would not press charges against Joseph Teoh and his family members as she had accepted the incident as an accident, so why is Malaysian Government still pressing charges against these dogs? Does Animal Rights even exists in our country?

Fellow Malaysians, kindly support us to help save the lives and stop the killing of these 4 farm dogs. The owner, Joseph Teoh has already been compunded/fined for his mistakes done. Though we do regret a human life was loss, but the dogs may have acted in self-defense. We don't need more lives sacrifice here to justify the case.
The Undersigned


Anonymous said...

these dogs deserve to be put down. the owner is just as bad

Anonymous said...

What about the latest shooting in Penang?

I think people should do more. Remember the cat killer? There were rage. What about now?!!

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said... KAFIR VS KAFIR... SO FUNNY THIS TIME?! BOTH DESERVE THAT!?

Anonymous said...

I don't know why this case is singled out in against putting the animal to sleep.
In most cases if not all domesticated animals that maul people to death, are put to sleep even if they acted in self defence or otherwise.
"The dogs may have acted in self-defence".. I think you should ask Agnieszka instead of just making an assumption. 'May' is too ambiguous a word when it comes to crimes of human loss of life. Everything should be proven beyond reasonable doubt.
Last but not least, those ARE definitely not mongrels (anyone who have an eye for dog breeds can definitely tell you that) and once they have the human blood-lust, its difficult if not impossible to ever re-introduce them back to a normal human pet owner who would not know better in the care of this kind of animals.
I would suggest the author of this article adopt them and try to re-introduce them for adoption.

Anonymous said...

I think that the two dogs that bit the person should be put to sleep. The other two dogs should be rehomed and the owner heavily fined.

Human lives are more important.