Thursday, May 5, 2011



IT’S GOING to be puppies galore at the canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) adoption drive at the Summit shopping complex in Subang Jaya this Sunday.
The event which starts at 11.30am and ends at 7.30pm, at the Summit’s main entrance, will see about 25 puppies being put-up for adoption.
MDDB adoption coordinator Christine Lai said the puppies that would be up for adoption were rescued from Klang, Petaling Jaya and Cheras.
“We have many more, apart from the 25 we will be bringing to Summit, that’s being cared for by our fosterers,’’ said Lai.
She said there would also be several young dogs between nine months to two years that will be put-up for adoption at the drive in Summit.
According to Lai the older dogs have all been neutered, vaccinated and given all the necessary treatment.
MDDB is a canine rescue project initiated by non-governmental organization Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDII).
Meanwhile, CDII director Firoza Burhanudeen said MDDB urgently needed funds for the treatment of several canines including a few accident victims.
“We have a high number dogs undergoing treatment in several veterinary clinics and one of them is accident victim James Dean a.k.a Hernia Boy who recently underwent surgery for diaphragmatic hernia.
“The cost for the surgery is quite high as his organs had to be repositioned in their right place,’’ said Firoza adding that those who wanted to help can visit the MDDB blog at for details.
James Dean is currently being treated at a veterinary clinic in Petaling Jaya.
MDDB also needs puppy food urgently and these can be dropped off at the adoption drive at Summit. Other items urgently needed include dry and canned dog, cat and kitten food, rice, bleech, washing soap and dog shampoo.
Details call 019-3576477, 012-3739007, 017-2081844 or write to

這將會有大量的小狗在幼犬福利項目馬來西亞狗隻保護協會(MDDB)的狗狗領養活動在本週日在梳邦再也(Subang Jaya)的Summit商場裡面。
馬來西亞狗隻保護協會MDDB的活動協調員賴小姐說,那些小狗給於收養都是被獲救來自巴生(Klang),八打靈再也(Petaling Jaya)和蕉賴(Cheras)。
與此同時,CDII主任Firoza Burhanudeen說MDDB迫! 切需要治療資金,包括一些意外受害的犬隻。

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