Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Subang Jaya Municipal Council does not cease to amaze us. Apart from being one of the biggest abusers of canines in Selangor, the council has also proven over and over again that it is a dog-hating imbecile. The latest crap that has come from this troubled local council is its witch hunt plan of dogs belonging to the eight breeds mentioned in the article. Surely, the council isn't actually thinking that people will allow them to simply remove their pets to be taken away and killed. Pfffft! Don't they have anything better to do other than constantly waging war with dogs. MDDB understands it is the prerogative of the council to activate the ban - okay, say that it is illegal to purchase these breeds from April 14, 2011 - but to actually say that they are going to seize existing pets is criminal. MDDB will fight the council all the way.
Don't forget the fight we gave you in regard to this dog in 2008. MDDB also condemns the Selangor state government for its inability to control its local councils. Please emulate your Penang counterpart that has done quite a bit for canine welfare. Tan Sri Khalid, its time you put your foot down and order these local councils from behaving like barbarians.
And to the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) that implemented the ban - how did these breeds get into the country in spite of your ban? Di you inform the Customs Department of the ban which was implemented years ago? If it is being bred locally, who allowed breeders to breed these dogs? Given that some of these dogs are MKA certified, how did this gaffe happen?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes... what about the German Shepherd that attacked a housewife in Taman Bukit Tambun recently?? This SJ Municipal Council talk cock only..!

Anonymous said...

actually the housewife there were making up stories and asking for money. stupid lady =.=