Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Our statement has been recorded by the Selangor Department of Veterinary Services and we have informed them that MDDB wants to go all the way in ensuring that justice has been done. We also found out from a source that Handsome had a severe case of hookworms at his time of death. There was also carbon deposition in his lungs and we are wondering how it got there. How did he inhale so much of carbon - is it carbon monoxide from a vehicle? Could there be the remotest possibility of Handsome being exposed to carbon monoxide with the intention of killing him when he was really ill? His intestines were also slightly pale with light black patches and we'll be speaking with our vets on what possibly this could be. His liver was also congested and we wonder if this could be due to the carbon inhalation or poisoning or an infiltration of hookworms. Handsome's cause of death was respiratory failure and septicaemia (blood poisoning). So, it looks that Handsome was a badly neglected dog and there may also have been attempts to kill him off when he was lying there dying? Or was he dumped outside after being exposed to carbon monoxide - given then he would be dying soon?


Anonymous said...

What?!! Foor doggy.. May your soul be rest in peace and the abuser will get the punishment soon!

RL said...

sad and very very disappointed with the handsome's owner. shameful owner. RIP Handsome. Handsome will be definitely fine in his new home in heaven.