Monday, December 6, 2010


We rescued this dog several months ago after she had met with an accident and was lying by the road side. She was unable to move her legs due to a serious back injury but after months of treatment was able to stand-up and walk again. however, one of her legs is still wobbly and tends to buckle-up. Last week, some renovations were being done in the place where she was staying and one of the workers had left the gate open. The dog strolled out and cannot be found. We believe she is hiding somewhere as she is a very frightened dog. Please help us look for her around - Wisma Dicor, Jln SS17/1A, SS17 Subang Jaya - which is across the road from Atria.
Please also call 012-3739007 for details as well as to inform if you have caught sight of this poor girl.


Anonymous said...

You should not blame the renovation worker! Instead, her caretakers should have been more responsible! So no use crying over spilt milk now right?


Anonymous said...

Uh, you sure you have reading comprehensive skills? Where in the story was the author blaming the worker other than neutrally explaining how it happened? Semantics much anyway?

And so if you lost something, you're not gonna bother to try looking anyway, even if it's your kid right? Accidents will always happen in life, whether from your part or not. But good to know you have admirable civic mentality there, retard.

If you're just here to make noise without offering any help when an innocent life who doesnt need any drama is at stake, please, feel free to walk out feeling proud with your head in your ass. But you're just gonna come back with a stupid retort without even stopping to give a thought about the poor lost dog that still has a chance to be found.

You're one of those people who gawk, point and laugh when an accident happens, crowding up the area, rather than help. I hope society will pay you back that kind of favour.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right! You are quick to blame others and even resort to name calling and telling tall tales but when someone blames you for something, you tak boleh tahan! You think I dunno that you are the author? tak payah sembunyilah!