Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It came to our attention that the so-called CAT committee (Canine Advisory Team) held a get together for dog catchers to show them how to make their dog catching sprees more effective.
The dogs catchers were also termed as being noble by the head honcho of the spree who heads an NGO for people with special needs. (We would like to know is this NGO represents people with special needs or is an animal welfare group?)
The honcho also lambasted animal rescuers and feeders and said dog catching was necessary to make the streets safe. He called the dog catchers unsung heroes and said the session with CAT was a platform for them to go on their dog catching spree more effectively.
They had also brought someone to show the dog catchers how to trick the poor canines and lure them to death with food such as chicken bits. More stupid statements were also made with the dog catchers saying that life as strays were not worth living.
Meanwhile, the honcho also said the MDDB was circulating lies by saying that PAWS did not want to participate in its dog catching sprees. We we informed of this by people in PAWS. Why did they not attend the recent spree in Klang if they felt it was ok to do so? Pray tell how many CAT events has PAWS attended? Isn't it telling that only SPCA and the honcho's organisation for the disabled were they only participants in addition to two local councils?
Where are the other rescue groups?
We also spoke to Klang MP Charles Santiago who informed us that over 40 calls, SMS and emails were made and sent to MPK acting health director Zul Abas to discuss about the unnecessary catching of dogs in Klang which also included people's pets.
(MDDB had also caught the dogs roaming around looking for dogs after office hours and we were told that they were doing it to obtain overtime.
This is uncalled for. )
Coming back to the Klang MP, Mr Santiago told MDDB that he had also called Zul personally on many occasions but Zul had been avoiding him with the excuse that he is busy. This is insolence of the highest order i.e to deny your MP a meeting.
It is clear now that rogue dog catching outfits are hiding behind the so-called CAT (which only represents two groups and one of it is not even an animal welfare group) committee which is encouraging them to go out and kill dogs. More so the committee does not understand nor is endorsing the TNR system. HAs time finally come to push for the removal of certain local councillors? Your comments please.


a dog lover! said...

Frankly, i admire your passion. A for me, i've lost hope in this country a long time back & i see no future for these poor creatures ...the strays. and do u seriously think speaking to the authority will help? of course not! They only care about themselves. To them dogs are just some useless junks not worth living! i would have left this country if it were not for the dogs i adopted all these years. This country is sickening!

dewgem said...

It is very unfortunate that some, if not most misinterpreted their holy book and look at these creatures as the vilest thing on earth. If only we could set straight these mentalities...

on the other hand, i agree with a dog lover! and I too admire your passion in pursuing justice for these lovely dogs as well as giving them all the love they need.

I think we have to work all the more to get these scoundrels off the council seat. Rallying up people may not be easy but perhaps we could continue creating awareness on a bigger scale? At the same time, dog lovers have to try with every ounce of their strength to educate the ignorant about what is currently going on with the strays and the council and the dog-catching circus. I am appalled to know that Kland still insists on its cruel ways in treating these animals.

Let me know if I can help. Will probably bring rice to the adoption drive again.

delsanto said...

I applaud MDDB for its effort in helping the strays be it cats or dogs. I guess the head honcho who heads the NGO (you know whom I refer to) must have thought that just like him the life of an animal is worthless. The same goes for all the dog catchers in town and the people who endorse this. How they see the animals is exactly the same as how they value themselves.
If anyone can say that strays are not worth living they are actually speaking of themselves. We need to have a street safe of crime not the strays if he can call the dog catchers unsung heroes I wonder what would he call a dog abusers? He would have failed miserably on his KPIs and NKRA. Pakatan government please wake up. You don’t need this guy in your committee.

Anonymous said...

I read his blog and would like to know why he has brought the Australian trained dog catcher to the meeting. Is he trying to broker a business deal between the Australian dog catcher and the local council for a commission?

Anonymous said...

This Anthony freak will do anything to suck up to the government for a reappointment as an ahli majlis. I am also an MBPJ ahli majlis and can tell you that we don't think much of him. He's there because he's an OKU and it makes MBPJ look good. But I heard the president wants a new OKU ahli majlis and will be nominating someone from the Malaysian Spinal Injury Association. Good riddance.

Ahli Majlis

Anonymous said...

I read his blog and all i can say is that this Anthony person is one sick puppy.

Anonymous said...

that's why anthony is in a wheelchair.
HE deserves it. Pardon my language.
But He could be worst if he can walk!!!
god is fair. no miracle will work for him, DUH!