Thursday, December 2, 2010


Rocky-the-dog may only have three legs but his enthusiasm for life overcomes his disability.

Rocky will be among the 15 dogs and puppies that will be put up for adoption by MDDB this Sunday at Jaya1.

MDDB will also have another adoption drive at Summit Subang Jaya the following Sunday.

Those wanting to donate dry and canned dog and puppy food, dry and canned cat and kitten food, old newspapers, dog and cat shampoo, old towels, rice, cages, detergent and bleach can drop the items off at both the adoption drives.


· Sunday Dec 5 from 11.30am to 7.00pm at Palm Square (ground floor- near Starbucks), Jaya One, Section 13, Petaling Jaya.


Sunday Dec 12 from 11.30am to 7.00pm at main entrance the Summit Shopping Complex, Subang Jaya.

For inquiries please call 019-3576477 or 012-3739007 or visit


"R" said...

Hey Wanimuthiah/Shamini Mopiko! I heard from some people in Malaysia that you're up to your old tricks again! If you do not want history to repeat itself, stop your slanderous warmogering ways!

I also heard that you owe quite a sum of money to some prominent vets and have even refused to pay them. What did they ever do to you that you even resort to slander to avoid paying them! When I asked auntie about it, she even told me that you haven't even repaid her yet! I never realized that you're such a BITCH!

Anonymous said...

Hey R...I donno you and I donno if what you are saying about Wani & Sham is true. But you (R)...why not go get a life. These folks are trying to do good and so what they owe money with vets. Vets would come to them la. You pandai pandai for what? Don have better things to do you wanker?

R said...

Hey Anon since you "donno" me and you "donno" what I am saying about Wani is true, why not YOU go get a life yourself? Wani certainly knows what I'm talking about and who the hell are you to speak up on her behalf! One of her lesbian lackeys? Do you want to get bitch slapped? Oh sorry, I forgot! You've probably BEEN bitch slapped by Wani before with that big hand of hers!

Anonymous said...


you are a sicko. You name call and make baseless allegations. I bet you are a poor excise for a human being. You did the same to another rescue group until they had to disable their comment section. You are a sick pig.

Mohanadas said...

It seems to me that there's a large number of people who dislikes Wani and her vile cheating ways! There's even an "Auntie" who knows about it judging by what this "R" has stated!

Also Anon, if you have read the posts and comments by Wani@SPS, the so called founder of MDDB, you would realize that name calling and making baseless allegations are her (Wani/SPS) forte. She also always demands proof but cannot produce proof herself. Being a gutless and irresponsible creature that she is, with her tabloid style writing, she also tries to induce and coerce people to lodge police reports on others based on her claims but does not lodge the reports herself.

One last note Wani...... Pay the VETS and stop hiding!

Lopez said...

Not surprising Mohanadas, most irresponsible so called "animal activists" often use these methods to get support. Maybe even to get more donations. I too have noticed that about the MDDB.

Also at their adoption drives, they use a method or a pitch to indirectly induce a would be adopter to adopt an animal. What assurances are there if the person is a responsible person? Could the adopter return the said animal if he/she wants to later?

Did you know also that some of the MDDB stray allumni have been lost or neglected by these irresponsible adopters?

Mohanadas, I don't know about the money MDDB owes the vets but I do recognize irresponsible or scam animal organizations when I see one. And MDDB or this Wani is one of them.

Good luck in trying to get your money back!

Anonymous said...

I have 4 adult cats and 10 kittens to giveaway...any adopters?

Sheila said...

Hi MDDB, I'm staying in PJ and I also have a problem with a female cat that has given birth to 9 kittens in my backyard. At first the mother was nursing the kitties very dangerously close to the drain and because it's the rainy season I feared that the poor kitties would drop and drown in the drain. But after I placed a crate with some old rags and food at a safer area the mother shifted all kitties into the crate!

Can the MCCP/MDDB come and get them? I also fear for their safety because of the stray dogs in the area.

Anonymous said...

For cats - please call 019-3739007.

Loretta said...

Has Rocky been adopted yet?