Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We are happy to say that this lady's human family has finally been reunited with her. He name is apparently Ginger and she is over seven years old. Her family believes that Ginger had run after one of their cars into the LDP without being noticed. That's when Bond must have seen and taken her home. Ginger's surgery has been completed and all her tumours removed 8 days ago. According to her family, the vet they had gone to had advised them not to put Ginger through surgery. That was not a very good decision. Anyway, Ginger's family say that she had turned-up at their gate in Subang Jaya seven years ago and had refused to leave. She was already an adult then and so her actual age is not known. She became a part of the family and is much loved by them. We are glad things turned out well and Ginger is one lucky lady to have found her family. Not all dogs are that lucky. Get well soon Ginger.

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