Friday, May 14, 2010


Kramer when he first came to us

Its really raining daggers for us at MDDB. Our golden boy Kramer died on the operating table this morning during surgery. Kramer was born with one normal testicle and one testicle which was growing inside.
He was scheduled for the surgery as the vet opined that the testicle which was inside could become infected or turn cancerous as he grows-up. He was also to be castrated during the surgery as our Kramer had grown-up and started to experience the instinct to mate. According to the vet Dr Edmond, his blood pressure started plummeting and in spite of adrenaline being administered, Kramer's heart gave out.
We are all shocked, especially his dedicated fosterers Irene and Kay, as our Kramer had been a healthy and robust boy. We asked for a post-mortem to be done and the vet found a growth which was attached to his heart and it was bleeding.
The growth is now in a jar in Dr Edmond's clinic. This is a huge tragedy for us given that Dumex also passed away several days ago. An X-ray also showed that she had ball-shaped growth inside of her as well as an enlarged heart.
Irene and Kay, we are certain, are devastated as they had taken great pains to ensure that Kramer was not affected by his disability.
One of our friends Kevin is also currently in Thailand visiting a pet products and good dealer to look into a set of custom-made wheels for our Kramer. We had his life planned out for him and this had to happen.
Whenever a puppy or dog, that we rescue dies, our hearts shatter into a million pieces, tears are shed and excruciating pain is felt. All of us then ask ourselves, how much longer can we take this pain that comes with losing these innocent souls.
Dear Kramer, rest in peace. This dastardly dog-hating place was never meant for one as beautiful as you.
Thank you Irene and Kay for loving Kramer and giving him a good home.
We would also like to thank Norbert and Rasika who had offered to pay for Kramer's medical bills. However, he was never even once sick and had to go to the vet when and after the offer had been made.

Read about Kramer:

Kramer on his wheels

Kramer with his best friend Strong Boy Hee


havetailwillwag said...

i am deeply sorry for your loss. kramer was a beautiful boy and a pure spirit. may he rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

We will never forget his will to live...

Malaria Max said...

=( nonetheless, all dogs go to heaven.

Anonymous said...

Very sad. Sorry and I feel bad for Kay and Irene.

HotDog's Momma