Thursday, April 15, 2010


Klang poun puppies rescued this week - these tested positive for parvo and corona.
Klang pound puppy - this one tested positive for distemper
Dog rescued from the middle of the road in Klang
Mother rescued by Puvin, May Lee and Roselin in Klang. Will be taking her in on the 26th.

We have been very busy the last week or so with many destitute dogs and puppies coming to us. Since MDDB's main mission is to rescue puppies and dogs that are badly off - we have taken in five more puppies from the Klang pound. All five tested positive for all kind of viral infections indicating that the pound is not being disinfected. Barely, two days after the rescue - 0ne of the distemper positive puppies died and we hope the others will pull through.
We have with us also a dog rescued in Port Klang on Tuesday. The dog which looked like a lost pet was lying on the white line in the middle of the road and was bleeding from the mouth due to having bitten its tongue. Luckily we spotted him on time - otherwise he would have been run over by cars. He is now being treated at our vet.
Then there is the mother dog which was rescued with her three pups in Subang Jaya. Two of her pups have since been adopted and the mama dog is awaiting spaying. she's a young dog and we believe can be easily rehomed after spending some time in foster care.
Then we have with us the mother dog and two puppies rescued by Puvin, Roselin and May Lee. They have taken care of the dog's initial medical needs and the time has come for us to take over. The mother dog is young and suffers from mange. We believe that she too can be rehomed once she gets better.
In addition to this fellows - we have about a dozen recuperating dogs and puppies that are on other clinics and our half-way home.
We have also been alerted of a pregnant dog that's stationed itself outside a DIY store at the Lota Kemuning twon center.
The shop owner is feeding the dog daily but says her customers are wary of the dog. She says the dog appears to be a former pet as it 'understands' English. Can someone take this poor dog in until she gives birth? We'll take the puppies and put them up for adoption before spaying the mother and deciding on her future life.

We are appealing for fosterers to give these dogs and puppies a temporary home until they get better.
Please help.

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