Thursday, May 7, 2009


Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better accompanied Furry Friend's Farm founder Sabrina Yeap and blogger TV Smith on a rescue mission to Pulau Tengah on Thursday. The trip to the desolate island was gut-wrenching given the choppy waters. After seeing the place for ourselves, we now view the folks of Pulau Ketam with more didain and contempt than before. It is not easy to imagine that people can be so cold hearted and evil. We were also aghast to read in a local daily the comments made by the island's DAP chief - the fool actually insinuated that the dogs would one day eat the villagers. We recommend the DAP removes the idiot from his position as he is already giving the party a bad name. Anyway, two dogs were rescued on that day - one of it being the puppy made famous by TV Smith. The puppy is a terrier cross and looks like it must have belonged to someone on the island, who perhaps, decided that they didn't want it anymore. We also know for a fact that that the Pulau Ketam people are irresponsible dogowners - we found this out during our reconnaissance vist to the isl;and three weeks ago with several other rescuers. Most homes with dogs did not have proper shelter for their 'pets'. What shocked us most was a dog thatv had been boarded-up for the past seven years. The following post is about that unfortunate dog. Anyway, the other dog rescued during the mission was a brown male which we initially thought was a female due to its bloated stomach. The vet told us eventually that his stomach was bloated due to liver infection - probably caused by eating carcasses and drinking salt water. herewith pics of the dog as well as one with the terrier puppy.

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