Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Yesterday we were both proud and ashamed of being Malaysian. Proud because a PAS branch chairman called asking to contribute food to the dogs at the pound. He said his heart bled to see the faces of the dogs in the pictures posted here.
He said he was a very religious man and given this, it was both his moral and religious obligation to do whatever little he can to elevate the suffering of these dogs at the pound. Since he didn't know much about dog food - he asked us if we could meet him at a designated pet shop and help him buy the food.
At the same time we also received a call from an Irish expat who wanted to buy food for the pound dogs as well. He said he was shocked with what he had heard and seen and said that had this happened in Ireland, the pound managers and workers would have all been sent to jail. According to him some pound workers in his hometown were sentenced to six months jail each for abusing the dogs in the care by not giving them enough food and water.
He also said cruelty against animals by individuals existed in all parts of the world including his country but cruelty against animals by a government body was inexcusable. He said he loved living in Malaysia but the many instances of dog abuse by local councils left a bad taste in his mouth.
Anyway, since both wanted to do the same thing - we got them together and they combined their resources to buy dog food as well as some chew toys. This, they said would relieve the dogs of the stress at the pound.
Since there were almost a hundred dogs at the pound - MDDB bought more chew toys to be sent there. MDDB also bought six large containers and pails to be filled with water and food and placed at the pound. We were told these were insufficient and therefore will be sending six more basins and pails to the pound. Stay tuned.

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came here to give support! :)
dogs deserve better!
animals deserve better!