Monday, August 31, 2009


One of the dogs that we had trapped and neutered and subsequently released

Surgicval marking of the ears.

Hi everyone,

we are trying trying out the trap, neuter and release (return) (TNR) method to see if it will work out for us. So far our friends in Kuala Kubu Baru carried out the TNR with 10 dogs in their district and we have done two dogs in Klang.

The most important element when carrying out the TNR is the identification of controlled locations where these dogs can be released after surgery and vaccination.
Controlled locations are locations where they will be monitored and fed by residents in the vicinity.

The two female dogs in Klang have been released in an area where the residents had readily agreed to feed them daily - so that the dogs would not go elsewhere to scavenge.

Therefore, the two - will have food and a safe place until the end of their lives without giving birth to anymore puppies.

We have also surgically marked their ears for identification purposes but are considering tattooing instead, as this would stand out more clearly than the surgical marking.

To make this programme a success, we have to also enlist the help of the local councils as well as extract a promise that their dogcatchers would leave these dogs in peace.

We would also have to have discussions with local residents to secure their corporation.

But most importantly, we need to also secure funds to pay the vets who are carrying out the neutering for us.

The TNR programme has worked very well in many countries including Asian countries such as India, Nepal and Indonesia and we don't see why it can't work here.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea and fully support... but how sure are you if those greedy DOGCATCHERS wont get the dogs,... every time i see one of this fellas or the DBKL fellas make me sick!!
everytime i see one of them i curse them!! i dont have any respect for all of em!!

keep up the good work. I have been donating to FFF.. do let me know will donate to u guys as well

cheers and god bless u all

Janz said...

Great job and idea.... Lets work together and hope all the strays live peacefully without those DEVILS DBKL...

Anonymous said...

Hope more stray will live in piece with dignity.

Hong Yee

Anonymous said...

First of all, kudos to the job you're trying to do. There should be more active NGO animal lovers groups like yourselves around.

But, unfortunately I do not agree to Trap Neuter & Release solution for obvious reasons. I will not really elaborate for now on the negative impacts it will or might bring eventually.

Carefully look into other countries or municipals who have claimed that TN Release would be a viable option in the past and read up about what they are saying now.

"The TNRelease programme has worked very well in many countries including Asian countries such as India, Nepal and Indonesia and we don't see why it can't work here." (This sentence is often quoted and re quoted by NGOs worldwide)

If they are claiming the above to be true, try to understand why is it working there (Or is it?) and ascertain if it could really work here in Malaysia.

A better way would be to TNRehome rather than Release.

Anonymous said...

In order to catch all the strays and rehome them, animal welfare NGOs will need to set up a big "no-kill" animal sanctuary first to provide shelter to the strays rescued.

That costs a lot of money and the local and federal governments are unlikely to give the land or one single sen to help out.

So most animal NGOs do what they can under the circumstances. With limited financial resources and no land for a sanctuary they have to resort to less ideal methods to help the strays.

It is unfortunate but this is a harsh cruel world. Animals cannot vote and they have no voice to speak out against the injustices that mankind have done to them.

Anonymous said...

Start small and build a foundation before thinking of doing this on a larger scale. Be prepared to accept that you cannot save ALL strays.