Sunday, April 26, 2009


All we can do is light a candle in memory of this nameless young dog that died in vain
We had some distressing news today. Several weeks ago two people had called us about a dog trapped under an overhead bridge along a busy road in Cheras. We suggested to both the ladies that they should take the dog home and we would get it from them to be nuetered and rehomed. One lady refused to do it and the other, who feeds it once in a couple of days, tried to get it but the young dog was not there on the day shewent to the place with a male relative. She informed us today that she found the dog dead - it must have tried to cross the road and in the process hit by oncoming traffic. We are rankled. Please people - help us help them. When you see a dog in distress please get together your people to rescue it as soon as possible. Then pass us the dog - please do not depend on us to do everything. We want to help every dog in distress and we plead with you to help us. Please do not let another dog which could have been saved die in vain. We beg you to take the extra step of getting the puppy/dog to a safe place, such as your home, pending rescue by us. Please.

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