Thursday, April 16, 2009


For a good cause: Firoza (second from left) accepting the RM10,500 donation from GSSC Cares representative Lau Som Ye (third from left). With them are (from left) Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better project spokesman Clarance Chua, Edleen and Wong.
Getting to know you ...: A potential adopter getting to know a dog at the adoption drive.

Newfound family: A lucky dog that was adopted at the event posing with its new owners.

Thursday April 16, 2009

Scores at pet adoption drive


SCORES of people turned up at the pet adoption drive held at the NZX Mall in Ara Damansara recently.
Organised by canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, the event offered rescued puppies and dogs as well as cats and kittens for adoption.
The Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better project was initiated by non-government organisation Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDII) as part of its community development efforts.
CDII director Firoza Buranudeen said the success of the adoption drive had inspired the project coordinators to organise a similar event in two to three months’ time.
“The adoption drive has shown us there are many people willing to give these unfortunate animals a second chance in life.
“Most of the animals up for adoption were rescued from a local council pound where they were waiting to be put to sleep,” she said.
According to Firoza, besides the good turnout, the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better project had also received a generous financial contribution from a corporate donor.
“We received RM10,500 from Standard Chartered Scope Inter-national Sdn Bhd, which is a subsidiary of the Standard Chartered Bank,” Firoza said, adding that company employees who were members of its in-house social services club, GSSC Cares, had raised the funds.
She said CDII hoped more corporate sponsors would come forward to support the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better project.
“We need a lot of help financially as, in the past few months, we had not only carried out rescue missions at a local dog pound but also rescued many abandoned and unwanted pets,” said Firoza. She added that the project’s volunteers had also to counter viral infections like distemper and parvo, which were deadly to dogs.
“We also currently have about 20 dogs and puppies that must be vaccinated and neutered pending adoption,” she said.
Firoza said the adoption drive had also helped the project coordinators to draw up a standard operating procedure to ensure that puppies and dogs adopted were free of disease. “It was a learning experience for us, too, and we now know how to prevent medical emergencies,” she added.
Several canine volunteers were also seen collecting donations tirelessly from visitors at the adoption drive.
Among the canine volunteers was Jojo the beagle, which had been rescued from the pound in February, just a day before she was to be put to sleep.
Jojo has since found a loving home she shares with another beagle, Kiki.
Also there to show support were popular Astro host Angel Wong Chui Ling and ESPN SportsCenter Malaysia host Edleen Ismail.
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