Friday, May 16, 2014

Goodbye Brianna

We received some very heartbreaking news this morning. Brianna is no more. She succumbed to her severe tick fever and we are truly shattered upon hearing the news. The vet tried everything possible - she was just too weak and too traumatized. To Mr. Bow-and-Arrow as well as dog haters who want all dogs dead, hope this piece of news makes you happy. This was a very very sick dog, and Brianna's condition was further aggravated by the trauma of being shot at. Wherein lies compassion? Brianna would have been happy had she survived and stayed with us, but sadly this was not meant to be. At least her last days were filled with warmth and kindness. To the owners who abandoned her, you are just as bad as Mr. Bow-and-Arrow. May all of you burn in the fires of hell if there is indeed such a thing. R.I.P. Brianna - you are now free from all the pain and torture that rankled the twilight years of your life. Rest well at the Rainbow Bridge until your rescuers meet you there.

Rest in Peace, Brianna...
Brianna's final hours were comfortable because Allan Chong, the young man who had put himself in jeopardy by going all out to help the poor old dog. It was Allan who had brought Brianna to AMC first. When we heard that she died, Allan rushed to the veterinary clinic to say his goodbye before the undertakers came to remove her remains.

Pics of Allan Visiting Brianna One Final Time and Her Remains Being Taken for Cremation
These are the follow-ups:

  1. We would be having a memorial for Brianna soon when her ashes arrive and we will notify of the venue. We hope to have a big turnout as a show of solidarity against animal abuse. We hope rescuers from other states will also join us.
  2. We are waiting for the police to call us. They have been calling us several times a day, always beginning late afternoon. Now that Brianna is dead, we believe the avenue for action is using the bow and arrow in a public place.
  3. We have a Plan B as well. If you are a lawyer who wants to help with our Plan B, please email your contact details to


So far, we have only received 15 police reports. Can we have more? We need a strong voice. Showing our anger only on Facebook will not change the situation. We need police reports please.

Please save the following on a thumb drive, and copy paste at the police station:

Saya ingin membuat lapuran tentang insiden di mana seekor anjing baka Rottweiler telah dipanah oleh seorang penduduk di Taman Sinaran, Taming Jaya. Kejadian itu berlaku lebih kurang pukul 8.30 hingga pukul 9 malam pada 13/5/2014 di mana lelaki tersebut telah memanah anjing berkenaan dengan dua anak panah yang terkena pada kaki dan belakang. Berikut ada sebab-sebab saya membuat laporan ini;

1. Menyalahguna peralatan sukan yang tidak sepatutnya digunakan didalam kawasan penduduk setempat (kawasan awam) yang mengandungi ramai kanak-kanak seperti tertera didalam video tersebut. Ini adalah sangat membahayakan kerana panah tersebut kemungkinan akan tersasar dan mencederakan orang ramai. Saya khuatiri sekiranya perbalahan antara jiran tetangga, orang ini juga akan berkemungkinan besar menggunakan anak panah atas orang awam juga. Ini berdasarkan pertimbangan dan tata susila orang ini sangat meragukan.

2. Anjing terlepas atau anjing liar sepatutnya jatuh dalam bidang kuasa pihak berwajib (bomba atau jabatan perkhidmatan awam telah terbukti selalu menolong kes-kes sebegini) and merekalah yang sepatutnya dihubungi untuk menangani masalah ini, bukan mengambil tindakan membuta tuli lalu mencederakan binatang tersebut dihadapan kanak-kanak.

3. Orang ini juga mempunyai niat jahat dengan mendera dan menyakiti haiwan dengan sengaja. Ini adalah unsur-unsur khianat dan akan mencetuskan kemarahan rakyat yang berbilang kaum dan menyayangi binatang. Saya berpendapat yang dia sepatutnya meminta bantuan jiran-jirannya untuk mengalih anjing itu atau pun mengunakan cara lain seperti memancut air kearah anjing tersebut.

Saya berharap pihak polis akan mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya terhadap lelaki tersebut. Terima kasih.

Go to your nearest police station in whichever state or district you are and ask them to forward the report to the Kajang District Police Headquarters. They cannot turn you away. Once the police report has been made, please email your name and report number to

Thank you!


More updates on Brianna's case here:

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